Embroidered Throw

This piece comes from Chamula, Chiapas. It is made out of virgin wool with cotton threads using the backstrap loom technique and it is hand embroidered.


140 cm x 60 cm

(measures may vary)



The coldest community in Chiapas

At 2260 meters above sea level, this mountain community is a world of frost and heavy wool.

For the Chamulas, the Conquest brought not only the Catholic religion but also the fleece of the Spanish sheep that saved the bodies of the newly converted Chamulans. Cotton quilts and woven strips of rabbit fur warded off the chill, but sheep’s wool – which was as much of a novelty to the Mayan as cotton was to the Spaniards -- proved to be a far more superior material for clothing.  Wool stays warm even when is wet, and it is wet most of the year in Chamula.