|| Vintage || Ceremonial Throw

Material: Cotton

Technique: Machine / Handmade

Length: 78 cm

Width: 74 cm

Ribbon Material: Satin

Pompoms: 50 cm


This Throw has been dry cleaned and is ready to use. 

Due to the vintage nature of our handmade products, each
Throw may have slight marks, spots or variations in color which gives our pieces a unique vintage charm.
In case of stains, we recommend to spot clean or dry clean only. 


As in most indigenous communities, in the Tzotzil speaking town of Zinacantan clothes are carefully made by women and worn by men according to the both, the occasion and their social status.

This specific shawl is named pok and is used around the men’s neck when they hold a political charge or during special ceremonies such as weddings.Poks are slightly different for single and married men. Single men wear longer pompoms and many embroidered flowers in their ponchos as opposed to married men who prefer a more sober attire.